Packages and Mail can be sent to Quality Couriers via:

United States Postal Service (USPS).
International Courier Services (FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.).
Personal deliveries by suppliers, friends or family.

Customers must ensure that the correct address and their box numbers are clearly marked on all packages and mail to avoid any delay in delivery.


Most consumer and commercial products can be sent via Quality Courier except for the following:-

Animal skins

Hazardous Materials can only be sent with prior Management knowledge since HazMat documentation must accompany the shipment. A HazMat Documentation Fee will apply.

What is Hazmat?

Hazmat Materials are defined as any item, which once transported via air or sea, can become dangerous. These items can be those which we use in our everyday lives and may seem harmless, but when in flight with the variations of temperatures and or pressure, it may cause them to leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire by spontaneous combustion.

Everyday items include but are not limited to:-
All colognes, perfumes, aerosols, paints, spray cans, oxygen or scuba tanks, propane tanks, self-inflating rafts, Co 2 canisters, mace, pepper spray, tear gas.


0-1 lb.               USD$ 4.00 per lb
2-70 lbs.           USD$ 3.50 per lb
71-150 lbs.       USD$ 3.00 per lb

Freight is the charge of importing goods based on weight.

Maximum weight allowed is 150lbs per piece.

Freight Charges are subject to change without notice as external forces such as increases in airline fuel costs and security surcharges will have a direct impact on freight charges. However we will make every effort to inform you of these rate changes in advance

The Quality Couriers default insurance fee is USD$2.00 for every USD$100.00 of the insured value or part thereof.

N.B. Your rate of USD$2.00 does not cover the items listed below or any invoice where the cost price is $500.00USD or higher

Televisions (Plasma, LED or LCD)
Printers and flatbed scanners
Microwave ovens
Cell Phones
Light fixtures or any other glass, porcelain, ceramic or concrete products.

These items can be insured at 3.5% of the value of the item with a minimum of USD 25.00. This insurance coverage is optional if you do not wish to be charged please notify our office, if no notification is received you will be charged automatically.
Please contact Quality Couriers for more details.  


Customs Duty and Vat is based on a percentage of your CIF Value (CIF means Cost, Insurance & Freight) For Example if a piece of clothing costs USD$20.00 weighing 1lb,  your duty and vat calculation will be as follows:-

Cost USD$20.00 x US Exchange rate = TTD$132.00

Insurance on USD$20.00 = USD$2.00 = TTD$13.20

(QC Freight charge) 1lb = USD$3.50 = TTD$23.10

Cost 132.00 + INS 13.20 + Freight 23.10 = CIF Value 168.30 x 20% = TTD$ 33.66 DUTY
(Duty on clothing is 20%)

To calculate VAT we add the CIF to the Duty and find 15%
(Vat on clothing is 12.5%)

168.30 + 33.66 = 201.96 x 12.5% = $TTD25.25 VAT

Duty, Vat and OPT must be paid to applicable goods upon import. Quality Couriers will pay this beforehand and bill the customer on delivery. 

A formal trade entry must be made for any shipments valued at TT$6000 and over. A Brokerage Fee will apply.

Delays may be caused due to a lack of proper documentation. The General Aviation Services will charge rent for any packages left in the Courier Bond for over 2 days which will in turn be charged to the customer if the customer fails to present proper documentation i.e. an invoice declaring descriptions & values.

All shipments payment terms are strictly Cash on Delivery.


A commercial invoice must accompany all non-document shipments.

Declaring an incorrect value on your package is an offence and will result in penalties if discovered. Quality Couriers will not incur the cost of the penalty and will refer the Customs and Excise Officer to the customer.

If no invoice is provided and the Comptroller i.e. Officer responsible for assessment on packages considers that he is unable to make a proper assessment on the value of the goods, an assessment will be made based on assumption and the duty and vat assessed by him will be payable on the goods. Quality Couriers will then bill the customer based on the assessment received at the courier bond facility.


The US Postal Service delivers a lot of mail to US addresses. Quality Couriers is not able sort all mail and separate the junk from the authorized mail. Any mail or packages addressed to the customer will be delivered to them. In order to prevent junk mail being shipped to you, please opt out of the mailing lists from your suppliers and websites that you frequent.


Quality Couriers will not be liable for any loss or damage to any undelivered mail or packages to our warehouse. It is advised to insure any valuable packages.

Quality Couriers will not be liable for any consequential loss due to lost, damaged, destroyed or undelivered mail and packages. Ensure a tracking number is received for all your packages.

Quality Couriers will not be held responsible for delays in shipping from your supplier to our Florida location nor will Quality Couriers be responsible for items in your packages not corresponding to that of your order.

Quality Couriers is liable for the loss of packages while in our possession. This only applies to packages that were signed for upon delivery. An investigation will take place immediately after the package is reported missing and the customer is entitled to a reimbursement of the value or replacement of the item after 10 working days from the report.  In the event that the item value exceeds USD 500.00, an advance notification must the sent to [email protected]  Failure to do so will result in delayed and or partial reimbursement for the lost item.

Due to past instances pertaining to the unreliable service of the United States Postal Service (USPS), we are not able to refund lost packages shipped through them, even if your tracking information says delivered.


Quality Courier’s address is to be used solely for the purpose of receiving and forwarding mail and packages.

Quality Courier’s address shall not be used for the purpose of registering companies in the USA.

Quality Courier’s address shall only be used for lawful purposes.


Two customer names can be shared on one Quality Courier Account but delivery will be made to only one address.

All charges will be the responsibility of the registered customer, also in the event when an order is placed by an unauthorized third party who received the address information from the registered customer.

Quality Couriers reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time.


A notification must be sent to Quality Couriers in writing of any local change of address.


Customers are notified once their package(s) have been billed and ready to be dispatched for delivery. QC will only hold packages for up to (2) weeks upon request by the customer. Should the customer require the packages to be held for a longer period, a rent of TTD$10 per day would be charged.  

Weekday deliveries are free to your local registered address ONLY between the hours of 8am -4pm (Some exceptions may apply)  

Weekend Deliveries are available upon request, however, customers will incur a delivery charge (Please contact us for more details)

If your delivery is missed, then another one will be rescheduled within three (3) working days. (No charges will be attached for the rescheduling of the second delivery)

If you miss the second delivery, the packages will be returned to the office and a charge of TTD 50.00 will be added to your invoice for the third delivery attempt.


Packages that are not collected / delivered  after arrival in Trinidad will be held for (14) working days before incurring rent of  $10.00 TTD per day. After an additional (14) days that the packages are still not collected, the package will become the property of Quality Couriers


There are some unfortunate delivery restrictions due to the potential risk in certain areas. We do apologize for being unable to offer delivery convenience to all our customers, so as a result, customers in the following areas can contact us for alternate delivery arrangements.

*Diego Martin                         *Cocorite
Blue Basin                               Powder Magazine
Covigne                                   Water Hole Coocrite
*Downtown                                   *St. James                                                                                                                                                                          Picadilly Street East                        Niles Street
Duke Street                                     Dundonald Hill
                                                         Upper Bournes Rd “Coco”
*Laventille                                        *Morvant        
 Block 22                                          Beetham Gardens
 Eastern Quarry                                Caldeonia
John John / Picton                            Chinapoo
 Pritzgaland                                       Mon Repos
 St. Barb’s                                         Never Dirty
 Success                                            Paradise Heights
 Trou Macaque                                  Red Hill
 Upper Pashley St.                             Romain Land
Laventille Rd.
Sesame Street, Pinto Road Arima
Maloney Gardens



Payments must be made in full upon delivery. Each customer will be held responsible for all charges that are associated will all packages they receive, even if the contents of packages are damaged or don’t correspond to the items ordered.
We accept Cash, Online Bank Tansfers and Corporate Cheques; we are unable to accept Personal Cheques.


As per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Regulations, all shippers and/or consignees sending merchandise to International Bonded Couriers Inc. in the U.S. for transport, must consent for the screening of all merchandise/shipments. This would include the opening and inspection of all shipments and if found to be dangerous or illegal for air transport, the items would be flagged and not shipped.

16. RIGHT TO INSPECT           

The shipment may, at our option or at the request of governmental authorities, be opened and inspected by us or such authorities at any time.


All packages that are received at our Miami facilities will be shipped to Trinidad on the next available flight. Quality Couriers cannot return packages from the Florida warehouse facilities to the supplier. When a customer wants to cancel or return an order, they have to contact the supplier and make arrangements before the item is shipped or delivered.


The contents of the shipments and charges are strictly confidential. Quality Couriers will not disclose any of its customer’s information to unauthorized third parties. We will also not deliver packages to any person besides the account holder, unless specifically requested.
Contact information and purchase history will never be disclosed to anyone besides the designated staff of Quality Couriers.