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From container loads to documents, there is nothing too big or too small for us to handle. We are part of a worldwide network of agents and shippers and we will work with you to send or receive cargo to and from any country in the world.



Quality Couriers will pick up and drop off packages to almost any location in Trinidad. Call one of our representatives or email us at [email protected] for a personalised package to suit your business needs.

​​PERSONAL SHOPPING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - For customers without a Credit Card 


To start the process, please send the links of the item(s) you want to purchase via email to [email protected] Make sure you mention as many details as needed. (colour, size, quantity etc.) 

After receiving your email we will prepare a quotation with the total cost including the taxes and shipping charges. 

Once you have approved the charges, a payment can be made to via Online Banking or at any Scotia Bank Branch. The order will be made within 24 hours of receiving the advance payment. You will receive a notification as soon as your order is processed and a soft copy of the invoice for your records.

When your order is received at the warehouse in Miami, we will send another notification mentioning the tentative delivery date.

The charges for the freight to Trinidad, Insurance, Handling, OPT and Taxes where applicable(i.e Duty & VAT), are all due upon delivery to you.

Terms & Conditions

All purchases made through this program are subjected to a 7% fee of the supplier invoice total (Charges for the item plus handling, taxes and shipping within the US), with a minimum of USD 10.00.

Quality Couriers will not be held liable for increases made by the supplier (the customer will be notified before the order is placed.) , we will also not be held liable for increases in taxes, handling and freight charges. 

Cancellations are only accepted before the order is placed online. Customers who wish to cancel before the online order are entitled to a full refund.

Quality Couriers will not be held responsible for the quality or quantity of any purchase. Nor are we liable for any mistakes that are made by the supplier or the condition of goods.

Quality Couriers will not be held responsible for fraudulent websites , inclusive of but not limited to commerical websites that accepts our payment but do not ship the items. We will make attempts to retrieve your funds and only upon a refund to us will you be refunded. If attmeptd to the supplier proves futile the online price will not be refunded,

Quality Couriers will not be held responsible for any delays in shipment from the supplier to our warehouse facilities.

This program is not available for online stores who do not accept PayPal payments with the exception of Amazon.

In the event that your charges are lower than expected, the outstanding balance will go towards the payment of your local shipping invoice. Should your credit exceed the shipping invoice, you will receive the balance in cash upon delivery.


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questions or concerns .

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