1.USPS indicated my package was delivered however Quality Couriers is saying not delivered?

USPS updates your packages as delivered when it reaches the last post office before it is physically delivered to our Miami location. Even though their update is slightly misleading you can take comfort in knowing that packages are usually delivered within 3-5 working days of receipt at their final post office.

2.Do Quality Couriers have a yearly Subscription fee?

Not at the moment. 

3.What is my skybox address?

Full Name                  Jane   QCT/***    Doe

Street Address 1      1700 Banks Rd. Suite 70
Street Address 2
City                             Margate
State                            Florida
Zip Code                     33063
Telephone #                1-754-222-8227

N.B. Your Shipping Account Number or QCT Number is unique to you it is important to remember to quote this number in your shipping address at all times. Failure to do so can result in delivery delays to you.

4.The website is not accepting my box number as my middle name, what can I do?

You can use of the following methods

a) Place your box number in the “Address2” field.

b) Use your box number as your First Name

5.I do not have a Credit Card to purchase online; can I still use your services?

Yes. We will gladly make the purchases for you with our credit card. The normal shipping rates apply along with a personal shopping assistant fee. (USD$10.00 or 7% of your supplier invoice, whichever is greater.) Cash payment for supplier invoice along with personal shopping assist fee must be made in advance. Payment via LINX, cheques or local credit cards will not be accepted for this service.

6.I’m new to shopping online. Can you help me?

Sure feel free to contact us via telephone 280-1514, email [email protected] or Facebook www.facebook.com/QualityCouriers our representatives are equipped to assist.

7.Are weekend deliveries available?   

Weekend Deliveries are available upon request however you will incur a deliver charge (please contact us for more information.)

8.Why does USPS alert say “Business Closed” package held at post office?

This notification occurs if USPS tries to deliver on weekends, public holidays or early mornings / late evenings. Do not be alarmed, no action is required by you, USPS will re-attempt delivery within 2-5 Business Days.     
9.What is your rate per pound and how is it calculated?

0-1 lb.                 USD$ 4.00 per lb

2-70 lbs.              USD$ 3.50. per lb

71-150 lbs.          USD$ 3.00 per lb

10.Why do I need to email an invoice for every shipment?

Customs Duty & Vat charges are based on the cost of your merchandise without an invoice the custom officer can assume the value of your goods and impose Duty & Vat charges that cannot be negotiated.

To avoid being incorrectly charged we strongly advise you to send a copy of the supplier invoice to us via email for each shipment.

Declaring an incorrect value on your package is an offence and will result in penalties if discovered. Quality Couriers will not incur the cost of the penalty and will refer the Customs and Excise Officer to the customer.

11.Do you’ll do ocean shipment?

Please contact us at 460-5244 for further details. 

12.Who is Quality Couriers?

We are a team of young entrepreneurs who have a passion for shipping and customer service and we have brought our two passions together to form this business. We strive to raise the bar of customer service in the island.